Why Resurgent Payments

Over 15 years, our founder has built a network of relationships providing point-of-sale systems, payment terminals, front-end payment gateways, gift card processing, and gift card printing vendors in addition to payment processing services. This network of relationships provide a roster of products and services which allows Resurgent to develop vertical-centric solutions for you.

The Traditional Merchant Services Company

The traditional merchant services company excels at one thing, and they do it well… they offer the capability of accepting credit, debit, and EBT/SNAP payments to you. The typical steps they will do:

  • Setup and have an initial meeting with you.
  • Procure several months of existing statements from you so they can determine where they can adjust costs to lower the fees you will be paying.
  • The proposal, once prepared, will be given to you for consideration with the hope for you to make the switch to them.

Once the sale has been completed and you have received the terminal with a quick how-to, you may never see your representative ongoing. When you need support, you will be referred to your processor. When you have an issue when processing payments on your point-of-sale, your vendor will defer the support request to your merchant services company, which will once again refer you back to the processor. Then, the processor will refer you back to your point-of-sale vendor as they are not responsible for implementations.

Notice that while working with your current merchant services provider, you as the merchant have no support… how do you run your business while coordinating all of your vendors just to accept credit, debit, gift, and EBT/SNAP payments?

How Resurgent Payments is Different

Resurgent is staffed with both sales and technical personnel that have years of experience in all aspects of payment processing. In addition, Resurgent offers:

  • Team augmentation for implementing payment acceptance features into your custom software solutions
  • Consulting and deployment services for your retail, restaurant, or service-based business
  • Tools to assist with contact-less payments, online ordering, and other related items required for social distancing.
  • Cash-discount programs for startup or traditional “cash-only” businesses
  • Custom stored-value solutions

For support, Resurgent is the single point of contact. Resurgent will coordinate your support needs between all parties involved in your payment acceptance needs.